Donate Your Weight

Donate Your Weight is especially for people who have spent decades dieting and obsessing on weight and who are ready to be free from bondage.  Learn seven stress-free slimming strategies that will help you create a lifestyle of happiness, health and permanent weight release.  Check out our products on Purchase the book along with at least one hypnosis CD to get started.

Here’s what participants have to say about the Donate Your Weight Program:

You have such a nice voice! I know that sounds silly, but this is such personal and painful “stuff”; and yet when I heard your voice. I felt like I was listening to a supportive friend!- Colleen, California, USA

“Even though it has only been four months since I started watching what I eat and two since I ordered your Program, I’ve lost a total of 40 lbs.

Needless to say this has been a life-changing experience for me. I love the way clothes fit me now and the renewed level of confidence my new “look” has given me.

What a rewarding experience this journey has been. I’ve always said I had no will power. When I started reading your book I realized with that kind of mentality I’d lost the war before I even went to battle. The simple fact that negativity was taken out of the equation, has been very enlightening.

Most of all I love the fact that this is not a diet or a plan someone imposes upon me with rules that in the past, I found restricting and imposing, leading me to rebel against it and giving up soon after I started (Weight Watchers).

I’ve recommended your program to at least a dozen people who cannot believe I’ve made this commitment to myself. I’m really thinking in starting a "Donate Your Weight" group in my office. I’ve shared the Program’s principles and some of my co-workers have been intrigued. I think is time for real action and share what I’ve learned.

Again, thanks for giving me this second shot at life. – Martha in Imperial Beach, CA

“I have lost 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks since I have started working on the program. It is really nice to feel a little more relaxed where all this food stuff is concerned. It just keeps getting better everyday. – Shelley in NV

“I don’t dread Monday’s and a new diet, anymore. I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes and feel fantastic…Since I don’t ever have to deny myself something I really want to eat, I don’t think about food so much and don’t feel the need to eat everything on my plate, even when we dine out.– Barb in FL

“I have dropped 26 lbs without denying myself anything or exhausting myself on spurts of exercise or fad diets–Melissa in DC

I started off this podcast when I downloaded on my Zune. Thanks, Sherri. I believe your Program has made a real difference in my outlook on life. I still have 20 more pounds to go but now I am not dieting…I do it at my own pace and applying my rules, not someone else’s. Thanks again! – Martha, Imperial Beach, CA

If you follow these materials persistently, you will learn how to Eliminate self-defeating behavior. It’s up to you, you CAN Enter into a life of bliss just follow the program and you’ll learn how for yourself. It’s amazing how great life is when you can Expand your consciousness past calories and fat grams. If you tap into who you really are, you’re gonna Explode out of your fat suit and live your real life.

More Praise for the Donate Your Weight Program:

Just wanted to share some good news I couldn’t wait until our appointment tomorrow! This week I actually lost FOUR more pounds to total 13. I guess since I haven’t been in diet/deprivation mode the previous few weeks (all that eating out), when I started on the program again my body really responded. Thank you for the pep talks the last 2 weeks, they really helped me keep going instead of giving up like I normally would have. Now I feel a renewed sense of confidence. Talk to you soon, Mary in SC

I want you to know that it is through you and your program that I feel I have freed myself from the emotional bondage of overeating! I know I am a work in progress…I’m hopeful that eating mindfully will continue to become more and more effortless with practice, but I AM SO TOTALLY AMAZED HOW FAR I HAVE COME IN JUST A FEW WEEKS.

Through your program, I got myself on track in a BIG WAY…Now I can’t even remember the last time I "binged" I used to binge almost daily. Anyway, cheers to you (& me for finding you & for doing the work)…I am living without the struggle, incidently losing weight it feels AWESOME! YOU ARE THE BEST! Really, you need to know that you have made a significant, positive impact in my life, helping me overcome the self-defeating, and ever so powerful, habit of overeating…Sheri for president! – Isa in AZ

This program can teach you to Fall in love with yourself and Release yourself from the obsessive thoughts that imprison you. You’ve been in prison long enough. Are you ready to Improve all aspects of your life?

Believe it or not, solving your food and weight issues is crucial in being able to solve issues in other aspects of life such as relationships and career. Food is a CORE issue, meaning it runs deep and sometimes it takes time and creativity to solve it. This program will instruct you step-by-step. These are steps you can follow for the rest of your life.

You can Learn to listen to your body and yourself. Liberate yourself from limitation and the "hamster-wheel" of fear, obsession and control. Lift your mind to see above your problems. Love your body for everything it does for you. I can’t type this page without my fingers, hands, arms and brain. Thank you body!

Choose your thoughts like a painter chooses paint and brushes when she creates a work of art. Move away from diet mentality and toward self-love. Nourish yourself mind, body and soul. Open yourself to the possibilities of a happier life, free from food and weight obsession.